The Role Of The Wine Rack

- Dec 18, 2018-

1. The ordinary family-type red wine can't be consumed once. When storing, let the wine be placed in contact with the cork, keep the cork in contact with the wine to keep it moist, and tilt at a small angle to allow the cork to come into contact with the wine. The red wine residue is deposited on the bottom. If the cork is dry, it will shrink and leak, which will make the red wine taste bad, so it should be placed horizontally.2. The wine rack was originally designed to make it easier for people to store when they can't drink red wine at one time. However, as the design is constantly updated, the wine rack is gradually the same as red wine, meaning a taste and a variety of styles. The strange wine racks are endless! It seems that it seems to be incompatible with this taste, and perhaps life is more interesting.QQ图片201801041721273. The wine rack can also be said to be a kind of decoration, so that the overall look is more upscale and more tasteful.
4. A very important function of the wine rack is that it is often the main part of the overall wine cellar design, and all designs, such as decoration, are centered on it. Take the Louis Wine Cellar Rack as an example, which combines many French native cultural elements and caters to the most intelligent elements. Therefore, the creative nature of the wine rack design sometimes determines the aesthetics of the overall wine cellar.QQ截图20180417102955